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The year 2020 brought a major shift in the testing market, forcing test owners and providers to rethink their online test strategies. With Prov’s adaptable and comprehensive approach, Prov partners have the tools, flexibility, and security to run their testing programs with confidence. 

Here’s why clients and test-takers love Prov and its tools for online assessment.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

We work with each client to understand their approach, offer guidance, and build a tailored plan to meet their assessment needs. Whether you’re seeking full-service solutions or just a little extra support, we have the tools to help you run your test organizations with confidence. 

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Our Services

Simple test-taker experiences

Our test systems are designed to help candidates feel as prepared and supported as possible. Take the stress out of test-day with:

  • Options for online testing
  • Single sign-on systems
  • Pre-test compatibility checks
  • U.S. based onboarding team
  • FREE Technical Support
  • No penalties for system or internet failure

Preparing For Test Day

Best-in-class security supported by AI

Minimize test fraud and cheating through Prov’s state-of-the-art remote proctoring partner,

  • Face-to-face proctoring supported by AI
  • Low candidate: Test taker ratios
  • No added cost

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Set up within days

Begin testing within just days of contract signing through Prov’s quick onboarding process.

Learn more about how Prov began testing within just one week after site closures due to COVID-19.

No added fees

  • No fees for tech support
  • No fees for rescheduling
  • No fees for dropped calls or connections
  • Did we mention, no fees?

Partner with Prov

Comprehensive Testing Solutions

Prov, Inc. provides its clients with one of the most well-rounded and sophisticated systems on the market. While most providers specialize in just one aspect of the testing process, Prov offers a comprehensive system that comes complete with test development services, test administration, online proctoring, and a robust candidate registry.

Our Services

Test Development

Test Administration

Online Proctoring

Candidate Registry

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