Test Administration

We understand that not every testing program requires the same type of test experience. That’s why Prov’s test administration services are designed to accommodate candidates across many unique industries.

Prov partners can select from many unique options to design a testing program that meets their needs. Take a look at some of the different ways you can customize your program, including:

Delivery methods

Select from any of the following delivery methods for your exams.

  • Computer based testing
  • Paper-pencil testing
  • Practical Examinations (for exams that require observation)

Learn more about the Prov’s ADA Compliant Test Accommodations.


  • Testing online? Take advantage of Prov’s remote proctoring partner ExamRoom.ai for best-in-class security.
  • Prefer to test in person? Choose from a network of Prov supported test-centers for in-person monitoring from highly trained and qualified proctors.
  • Want to use your own proctors on our testing platform? Prov offers the ability to integrate your own proctoring services with our delivery platform. The choice is yours!

Learn More about ExamRoom.ai™


Prov exams can be offered through a number of different platforms and testing facilities. Some commonly used hosting methods include:

  • Hosting exams through Prov’s online platform
  • Testing at a Prov Office or one of Prov’s testing centers (commonly located at Universities or other public facilities)
  • Hosting exams at client-owned test centers
  • Hybrid approach using both Prov services and client-owned test centers

Have a hosting preference that’s not on this list? Reach out to our team to design a plan that’s just right for you.

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Scheduling preferences can vary for each unique client or even for each examination. Clients can select from the following scheduling preferences for their exams:

  • Mass testing: Assign all candidates a single designated test date
  • Testing windows: Allow candidates to test within a designated date range
  • Pipeline: Allow candidates to test on a rolling schedule with no test date restrictions

 Have a scheduling preference that’s not on this list? Reach out to our team to design a plan that’s just right for you.

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Test-Taker Management

Prov’s comprehensive system allows clients to set their own terms for candidate enrollment, pre-approval, and test eligibility.

 Click to learn more about Prov’s test-taker management and candidate registry systems here.

Candidate Registry

Item Banking

Storing and maintaining your item banks with Prov is simple. Use Prov’s item banking and test development services to: 

  • Deliver your test questions on the Prov platform
  • Have test questions written for you
  • Build test forms to deliver your exams
  • Receive psychometric analysis of test performance 

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Test Development

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