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Testing Tips

  • Your testing time won’t begin until you are checked in and been greeted by a proctor. Don’t worry if it takes a few extra minutes to get set up! You won’t be losing any time.
  • If you ever get disconnected, come back here and click “Start my test” to login again. We’ll get you reconnected so you can pick up where you left off.
  • You can also contact ExamRoom.AI technical support directly by using the chat bubble located at

Take a breath, and know you’ve got a team of people ready to help you succeed. Good luck on your examinations!

– The Prov Team

Set Up Your Computer

ExamRoom.AI™ offers an online system compatibility check to help test-takers prepare their devices for test-day. We recommend doing this check prior to the test day to speed up the check-in process and prevent technical hiccups along the way. Give it a try!